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Sport Mats

T.P.E.  Mat 180 X 58 X 1,8Cm
Tecnocaucho® rubber mat 180 X 58 X 1 cm
Rubber mat 140 x 58 x 1 cm


T.P.E.  Mat 180 X 58 X 1,8Cm
Big Ball Burst resistant
Classic ball
Cylinder pilates PE Ø15cm 90cm
Medium Cylinder
Pilates roller PE Ø15cm 30cm


Big Ball Burst resistant
Classic ball


Air Step
Step Pro

Flexibility and rehabilitation

Fitness Wheel Pro
Cylinder pilates PE Ø15cm 90cm
Russian belt
Belt stretching
Black cylinder pilates
Rodillo desentumecedor excéntrico
Core Wheels
Black hollow massage cylinder
Cojín Lumbar hinchable
Wedge balance cushion
Solid ball masaje
Spike Ball Soft
Spike Ball Hard
Spike Ball Medium


Individual arm and leg muscle training
Resistance belt
Training vest resistance
Double arm and leg muscle training
Balance running belt
Belt for enhancing the jumping
Thunder Bands
Punch Trainer Superior
Power elastics with carabiner
Wrist Grip with strap
Ankle Grip with strap
Ankles and wrist grip
Biceps Grip
Thigh grip
Simple Anchorage
Door Anchorage
Dragging Belt
Aluminium grip handles with rubber
3 Hook belt
Functional buckle vest
Harness vest
Functional rope 38mm x 9m. Black


Medicine Ball Low Bounce
Soft Medicinal Ball
Medicinal Dual Grip
Technorubber Medicine Ball
Medicine ball cover

Functional power

Speed Power Sleigh. -
Sand Bag
Weight weight vest
Total Core
Sand Bells
Heavy Bag
Parallel bars
Pull up Rack
Climbing Line 6m
Mini Paralel Bars
Estantería Heavy Bag
Moon Heavy Bag
Bulgarian Sand Bag
Water cylinder MK2
Water cylinder SCUD
AQA Ball
Weighted Wristband - Ankles
Total Core Handles
Core trainer


Slide Mat
Sliders discs

Agility and speed

Set Obstacles Jump.
Piece For Sticks High Adjustable.
Solid Base For Training Kit 3 Kg
Speed Power Parachute.
Agility Stairs.
Speed Power Sleigh. -
Double height hurdles
Inner sacks sleigh
Cone 42 and 52cm PE
Agility plain stairs


Speer jump rope aluminium 3m
Plyo Box Set 3U (31, 46 and 61cm)
Soft Plyo Box
Wooden Plyo Box
Wooden Plyo Box


Air Step
Balance cushion 34cm
Balance islands
Balance pad
Balance cushion 36cm
Balance cushion 50cm

Dumbells, kettlebel and pump set

Competition Kettlebell
Kettlebells rack
Weight weight vest
Rubber Kettlebell with chroming handle
Black rubber olympic plate
Hook for olympic bars
Weight lifting gloves
Weight lifting leather belt
Hexagonal dumbells
Neoprene weight vest
Kettlebell Cast Iron
Body Bar
Weight lifting neoprene belt
Hex bar
Log Bar
Swiss Bar
Silicone bar grip
Wall rack for olimpic bars
Floor rack for olimpic bars
Bars to plates adapter
Horizontal plate holder
Plate holder
Vertical plate holder
Shelv Hexagonal Dumbells


Aerial Yoga
Yoga brick
Yoga Hammock

Air Step

Air Step


Bag con base


Amaya Suspension Trainer
Colgador Brazos Muscle Belt
Ankle support
Pull up Rack
Ceiling-wall anchor Suspension Trainer

Functional Estructures

Columna alargador 91,4 cm.
6 ft Cross Bar Monkeys. 1,65 m.
12 ft upright. 3,60 m.
Functional structure B7 - 292x172x275cm
Functional structure A1 - 120x120x275cm
Monkey Bar 1,05 m.
Monkey Bar 1,65 m
Muscle-Up Bar 1,65m
Muscle-Up Bar -  Monkeys  1,05 m.
Functional structure BR-4R464 - 4,05x1,20x3,65m
Functional structure BR-6R464 - 4,05x1,80x3,65m
Functional structure BR-46R - 1,80x1,20x2,75m
Functional structure BR-66R - 1,80x1,80x2,75m
Functional structure E8 - 1147x277x363cm
Functional structure  BR-6F - 1,72x1,80x2,75m
Functional structure BR-75 - 7,50x1,80x3,65m
Functional structure D7 - 292x172x275cm
Flying Cross Bar. 1,65 m.
Cross Bar  Doble - Monkeys 1,65 m.
Muscle-Up Bar 1,05 m
Functional structure BR-146R - 4,05x1,80x2,75m
Functional structure BR-46BF - 1,12x1,12x2,75m
Functional structure E6 E7 - 1147x390x365cm
Flying Cross Bar. 1,05 m.
9 ft upright. 2,70 m.
 Cross Bar Doble - Monkeys 1,05 m.
Functional structure BR-106R - 2,92x1,80x2,75m
Functional structure BR-75 - 1,72x1,72x2,75m
Functional structure D5 - 690x180x275cm
Functional structure D10 - 690x172x275cm
4 ft Cross Bar Monkeys. 1,05 m.
Pull-Up Bar 1,65 m
Muscle-Up Bar - Monkeys 1,65 m.
Functional structure BR-4F - 1,12x1,80x2,5m
Functional structure C10 - 690x112x275cm
Functional structure A8 - 405x112x275cm
Functional structure B8 - 405x172x275cm
Functional structure C3 - 405x120x275cm
Functional structure B10 - 690x172x275cm
Functional structure C5 - 690x120x275cm
Functional structure A10 - 690x112x275cm
Functional structure B5 - 690x180x275cm
Functional structure A5 - 690x120x275cm
Functional structure D4 - 577x180x275cm
Functional structure D9 - 577x172x275cm
Functional structure C9 - 577x112x275cm
Functional structure C4 - 577x120x275cm
Functional structure B9 - 577x172x275cm
Functional structure A9 - 577x112x275cm
Functional structure B4 - 577x180x275cm
Functional structure A4 - 577x120x275cm
Functional structure D2 - 292x180x275cm
Functional structure C7 - 292x112x275cm
Functional structure C2 - 292x120x275cm
Functional structure B1 - 120x180x275cm
Functional structure A6 - 120x112x275cm
Functional structure B6 - 120x172x275cm
Functional structure C1 - 120x120x275cm
Functional structure C6 - 120x112x275cm
Functional structure D1 - 120x180x275cm
Functional structure D8 - 405x172x275cm
Functional structure C8 - 405x112x275cm
Functional structure D3 - 405x180x275cm
Functional structure A3 - 405x120x275cm
Functional structure A7 - 292x112x275cm
Functional structure D6 - 120x172x275cm
Functional structure B3 - 405x180x275cm
Columna alargador 182 cm.
Flying Pull-Up Stair 1,82m
Flying Pull-Up Stair 1,21m
Step-Up Plattform
Dip Horn
Colgador Agarre Estructuras Funcionales
Spotter Arms
J-Cups Set
Agarre Band Hook
Soporte Platos Estructura
Pegs Bar
Soporte Core Trainer
Wall Ball
Pull up Rack
Weight sled
Dominadas squat rack
Power rack
Squat rack ajustable
Squat rack
GHD Professional
Function Bench
Adjustable functional bench

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