InerceX Wall Pulley - Inertial Machine

InerceX Wall Pulley - Inertial Machine


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InerceX Wall Pulley es una máquina de ejercicio inercial para la realización de ejercicios de fuerza. 

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InerceX Wall Pulley is an inertial exercise machine for performing strength exercises. It has different interchangeable flywheels of different weights and diameters that use inertia to provide high and variable resistance in both concentric and eccentric movements.

Using the grips attached to the pulley, the user pulls to accelerate the flywheel and then resists to decelerate the flywheel while the belt is wound in the other direction. Different combinations of steering wheels can be mounted (never more than two at the same time)


  • 3 flyers
  • Handle
  • Long handle
  • Anklet-wristband
  • Belt


  • Measurements: 46.76 x 37.6 x 192.7 cm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 35kg
  • Material: Steel
  • Inertia range: kgm² 0.005 - 0.20
  • Inertia factor: x40
  • Flyers (maximum 2 at a time): 1st Flyer 0.010, 1.65 kg ; 2nd Flyer 0.025, 2.55 kg; 3rd Flyer 0.050, 3.65 kg.

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