Jump Fitness Tramp Hexagonal

Jump Fitness Tramp Hexagonal

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Into the Jump Fitness Tramp it match safety, lightness, robustness and elasticity, brought by the investigation and several test during the development process

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It ́s composed of a tubular structure, an adjustable handle, and a highly and resistant elastic mesh, joined to hexagonal structure by a new rigging system. This trampoline it ́s designed for the practice of physical exercises, for low, médium and high performance, with no reduce of the qualities and a large use. Handle made of steel, heigh adjustable and compactly joined to the structure. Comfortable and ergonomic foam grip. The trampoline surface it ́s made of a polyetilene mesh, with streghtened sewn on both sides. Made of an antistatic material to avoid the slippings.
Steel tubular structure, able to absorb the most of the energy produce by the jump impact. Rigging made of elastic and single rubber loops. It have a patented system to share the impact and rebound. Removable foot with anti-slip basement. The foot rubber bearings ensure a solid contact with the floor, assuring no moves.

Tramp Weight: 13 kg. Max Weight: 120 kg.

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